You literally have to summon a demon to get it to work.

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it’s a cheerful evening on

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I was trying to pick the best of the batch to post… but I decided you just needed to see them all.

I don’t know this Andy fellow… but I kind of want to be his friend!

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Anonymous asked:

calm down. neopet plots are fine the way they are.



nah man they could be A LOT better


  • more female protagonists in the spotlight, not off to the side (ie, like gilly, idk if hannah would count imo buuuuuuut)
  • protagonists with some sort of disability
  • a haunted woods plot that retcons the term g*psy out of neopia
  • Roxton A. Colchester II being retconned out of existence
  • more plots with protags that are species that aren’t considered “popular” (ie, skeiths, moehogs, quiggles, techos, buzz, jubjubs, etc. the list could go on but please know that lupes and aishas and draiks are not ever gonna be on the list)

also maybe feature colors that arent ‘popular’ or ‘conventional’ like more mutants please (no the tale of woe does not count as mutants imo)

Labour Day Giveaway




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Grey Paint Brush

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Pirate Draik Egg

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Faerie Lutari Morphing Potion

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Zombie Paint Brush

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One Thousand Dubloon Coin

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How this works:

1. Reblog/Like to enter.

2. This giveaway is open to everyone, so you do not have to be following me.

3. The giveaway will end on Monday, September 1st. I will use a random line generator to pick the winners.

Always worth a shot. :)

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wait if we know that all 6 guilds committed a theft at some point, why don’t we just arrest all of them and get the items back

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It’s time for my Wishing Well Giveaway again.

How it works:

1. Reblog this post with the items (up to 3) that total up to 3 million neopoints.

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3. This giveaway is open to everyone, so you do not have to be following me.

4. The winner will be selected via a random line generator on Sunday, July 27th.

Good luck everyone!

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i think there was a year in everyone’s life where they were really into neopets


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the neopets newbie boards are so funny you don’t even need to go into the threads the titles are enough

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do u ever just want to punch the world in the face

But it’s not about race, right America?

Lets not ignore the gender element as well

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